ABC Animal Training currently offers two workshops, Dolphin Trainer Academy Basic and Dolphin Trainer Academy Advanced. These workshops are designed for people of all languages and backgrounds and are taught by professional trainers with extensive experience.

Both workshop levels are five days long and emphasize small-group training that will help you build skills for your career and give you the unique opportunity to interact with marine mammals and other species.

ABC’s Basic level training combines two essential factors in building a career in marine mammal training: career preparation and practical application. ABC Basic focuses on resume building, job interview preparation and team-building skills alongside personalized small-group training where you will learn the science and practical application of operant conditioning. If you dream of being a marine mammal trainer to avoid sitting in the classroom, this is the training for you.

ABC’s Advanced level training focuses is on husbandry training, the single most important part of professional animal care. Advanced students will also learn complex training techniques, preventative aggressive techniques and problem solving skills.