Written Reviews

Basic Workshop

  • I have learned so much it is hard to put it all in words. You are a gifted teacher and trainer and I am so lucky to have been able to learn so much from you. Thank you for this amazing experience, and I am so glad I was able to be part of ABC Academy 2008.
    Denise L.
  • This has been a life changing experience for [my daughter]. She is studying psychology with a focus on animal behaviors and has always wanted to work with marine mammals. Your academy helped her achieve that goal. She did an internship and loved it, but it didn't have the impact on her that your training week has had. She worked very hard to borrow the money to do this training, and now I'm glad that she did. I know that her future working with animals will become a reality. Thank you again. I am happy and excited that she learned so much!
    Elaine U.
  • Words fall short of the gratitude that I have for you and everything you did for the workshop. It exceeded any expectations that I had going into it. I am just beside myself at the opportunity I had this past week.
    Cherie S.
  • [ABC Academy] inspired so much confidence in me, and I now know this TRULY is what I want to do with my life. We are so incredibly appreciative towards the time, effort, information that the entire Dolphin Discovery crew gave us. I hope you know that I was incredibly humbled and encouraged by your words of wisdom, and truly appreciate the opportunities you presented to me.
    Nick G.
  • In the one week I learned and experienced so much more than I could ever learn in a textbook. Thank you for making it possible for me and many others to finally have first hand experience as dolphin trainers. The trainers welcomed us as students with open arms and made it easy for us to ask questions and hear about how their dreams progressed.
    Laura D.
  • I wanted to thank you for all the time and efforts that you put into this course for us from the beginning to the end. The email about how to get to the resort from the airport and all the other instruction were highly useful and helped to save a lot of money and enjoy commuting independently and safely around in a country that had never been before. Through out the course, I greatly appreciated the variety of programs we experienced along with our true hands-on experience on birds and dolphins as two different species. I also appreciated your effort in the interview and resume sections along with introducing to us different aspects of this career such as animal nutrition, medical and of course animal behavior and training the most.  It was again a great pleasure for me to meet you and attend your ABC Animal Training program I strongly look forward to continue with the advance program.
    Ashkan F.
  • Absolutely fantastic!!! I cant begin to explain the experience of truly feeling like a marine mammal trainer. The theory behind positive reinforcement training and the spectacular practical sessions in the water with the animals…Puerto Aventuras is an amazing place, the people even more amazing and the ABC workshops more amazing still. I wish i could be there everyday for the rest of my life!!!
    Gemma C.
  • I want to start by saying thank you for everything! I have had the best time of my life! I feel as though I have learnt and accomplished more than I could ever imagine. I did what I loved and met some of the most amazing people and made some of the best friends I could ever ask for!
    Verity H.
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Advanced Workshop

  • After your incredible training academy and 2 internships, I finally got my first marine mammal training job. I will be starting as seasonal sea lion keeper. The ABC Dolphin Training Academy is what gave me that extra edge of confidence I needed as well as a valuable learning experience. I still have all the notes that I took at the academy, which I still refer back to from time to time. It is because of your wonderful dedication to aspiring trainers that I am about to live my dream.
    Diana V.
  • I just wanted to give you an update on what has happened in my life after the ABC course. I got a full time Zoo Keeper position at the (…)Zoo. I am working with the Sea Lions there…I have also trained new behaviors with the River Otters and a Barn Owl. I am so excited about my job and training. I learned so much about training from your program and am always recommending it to people. Thank you for everything!
    Robin C.
  • Just want to thank all the ABC animal training staff/Dolphin Discovery for the most amazing two weeks. I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in pursing a career as a marine mammal trainer, its definitely worthwhile.
    Justine P.
  • I wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for offering your courses. I learned a ton and it was amazing to get to spend the time with you and to get my first bridge. I grew as a person so much during both weeks at ABC. I learned a lot about myself personally and professionally. I think the course was great because it taught us a lot about operant conditioning, but also about the true lifestyle of a marine mammal trainer... and educated us on the importance of professionalism in and out of the water. The teamwork segment was a huge bonus.
    Erin M.
  • When my colleague told me about the ABC Dolphin Trainer Academy at Dolphin Discovery it didn't take much thinking for me to decide that I would participate. And I'm very glad I did! It was an amazing week with truly dedicated people and wonderful animals. I learned a lot both in class and in the water. Thank you very much to each and every one involved!
    Silke P.
  • I have to thank you for being an absolute amazing mentor. The week I spent with you in Isla was unforgettable. You are an amazing teacher, and thank you for being so patient. It allowed me to refresh my training skills, and clarify so many terms I did not understand ... It is so awesome to be surrounded by people who are actual compassionate animal people. Thank you for reminding me who I am and the animals I truly love and want to work with. My appreciation towards you is immeasurable!
    Cara D.
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ABC of Animal Training DVD

  • ABCs of Animal Training is a new teaching tool for the professional trainer. It is one thing to read about training techniques, but actually seeing them demonstrated on video takes understanding a concept to a new level.
    Ken Ramirez, VP Animal Training, Shedd Aquarium, Chicago IL
  • The study guide and worksheets have really helped me set up classes and work with my team. The visual examples in the DVD make the material easy to understand, especially for someone whose first language is not English.
    Nahoko Hayashi, Senior Trainer
  • ABC's (or Animal Training)... not only played an enormously significant role in my sea lion training career but it has completely and utterly changed the way I work with horses. Thank you for the work you've done and thank you for putting it out there.
    Andra Irons
  • I wish someone would have done this years ago. The visual examples make complicated concepts easy to understand. This is without a doubt the best educational material on animal training I have ever seen.
    Jim Corey, Training Consultant
  • ABC of Animal Training video is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn to train animals effectively and humanely. The videos are informative and fun to watch and the study guide helps you monitor your progress.
    Karina M. Nielsen, Training Consultant
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