The ABCs

A marine mammal trainer at ABC Animal Training teaches a sea lion to jumpArt, belief and confidence!

Learn to be a marine mammal trainer with ABC Animal Training Workshops!

Learn the art of dolphin training through ABC’s unique and interactive workshops, built to lay the foundation for a rich and rewarding career in marine mammal training. ABC Animal Training focuses on the art of positive reinforcement and gives students more in-water time than any other comparable program, making sure your experience leaves you with a tangible skillset meant to guide you toward a fulfilling career.

Get the expertise to believe in yourself as a future marine mammal trainer. ABC students study in an impressive facility alongside highly experienced instructors who will ease you into a professional environment. In addition to working with dolphins, students get the opportunity to interact with species including manatees, sea lions and tropical birds.

ABC’s two workshop levels, Basic and Advanced, will help foster confidence in both the beginner and master-level learner, offering unparalleled opportunities for networking, job interview preparation and team-building alongside practical application in marine mammal training.