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Study Guide

ABC of Animal Training

Learn secrets used by professional trainers!

ABC of Animal Training is a comprehensive, entertaining and easy-to-understand guide for training animals using positive reinforcement techniques.

Learn by Watching

This 3 hour video series teaches you how to train any species of animal using the techniques of professional trainers around the world. Our professional trainers reveal the science behind positive reinforcement training and show you how to use the techniques you’ll learn. This video series and study guide provide the knowledge and tools you’ll need to be a successful trainer. Best of all, it’s fun to watch and easy to understand.

Comprehensive Video Program

Each of the seven chapters covers an essential element of operant conditioning, better known as positive reinforcement training. You will learn the terms and techniques used by professional trainers. Each chapter is packed with visual examples of trainers working with a wide variety of species. We show you how these techniques work on all types of animals. You will also see how fun and rewarding training can be!

Bonus Video: Training Time with Mike Wood

Host Mike Wood will show you how what you learn fits into the real world. You’ll see how training can make a visit to the veterinarian easy and fun. We also show you how and why it is important to develop a good training plan.

Training Time Topics:

  • Animal Care: visiting the veterinarian can be easy and fun
  • Building Behavior: success is in the details
  • Body Language: how animals listen by watching
  • Skippy: the story of Grunge E. Backwater

Extra Gifts Included!

If you order now we will also include a free reinforcement pouch and training clicker. The reinforcement pouch keeps training treats at hand while allowing freedom of movement. The ABC training clicker is made of sturdy material and is an important tool for effective training.