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Dolphin Trainer Academy

Jump start your career! This hands-on 5 day workshop is a cutting-edge program designed to develop skills needed for a successful career in the dolphin training field. This program is created and taught by professional trainers with extensive experience. - more

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Dolphin Trainer Academy

Refine your training skills! The advanced workshop is a 5-day workshop where you will be fully involved in dolphin training. You will learn advanced training techniques and have the opportunity to apply them as you assist professional marine mammal trainers. - more

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Marine Mammal Behavior and Conservation

Marine Mammal Behavior and Conservation Workshop Los Cabos is a unique educational opportunity for those interested in learning more about whale, dolphin and sea lion behavior. There will also be emphasis on wildlife interpretation for those interested in formal and non-formal environmental education. - more

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Training Products

ABC of Animal Training

A comprehensive, entertaining and easy-to-understand guide for training animals using positive reinforcement techniques.

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