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Marine Mammal Behavior and Conservation Workshop Los Cabos



Marine Mammal Behavior and Conservation Los Cabos—an educational and impactful experience through which participants personally explore the role of ecotourism and how these human activities affect the sustainability of wild marine mammal populations and their ocean environments, as well as meet animals in human care and the professionals dedicated to their wellbeing each and every day.

The workshop includes whale watching, wild sea lion, whale shark encounters and swimming with dolphins at Dolphin Discovery Los Cabos, a safe and fun experience that fosters respect for the animals and an appreciation for the need to conserve them in the wild.  

During the weeklong program, participants will learn about marine mammal behavior and science and the importance of environmental education.  We will analyze current marine mammal issues, presented from both a local and global perspective.  Participants will also have the opportunity to interact with expert researchers from diverse backgrounds. 

The workshop’s informal setting is designed to stimulate questions and active learning, including field research techniques, collecting and analyzing data, and how to develop critical thinking skills.  While anyone who loves marine mammals will find the workshop meaningful and educational, it is specially designed for educators and individuals interested in pursuing a career in marine mammal science.

ABC Animal Training’s ultimate goal is to instill in participants an appreciation for the significance and role of marine mammals in our marine ecosystem, an understanding of marine conservation issues, and, importantly, our roles as leaders in animal management, policy, and care. 

Animals you may likely see:

  • Humpback whales
  • Green sea turtles
  • Blue footed boobies
  • Brown footed boobies
  • Mobula rays
  • Pacific bottlenose dolphins
  • Atlantic bottlenose dolphins
  • California sea lions
  • Whale sharks
  • Brown pelicans
  • Magnificent frigate birds
  • Cormorants

Program Benefits

  • Personalized, small-group learning environment in beautiful Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.
  • Learn about marine mammal behavior, wildlife interpretation, environmental education with animals in wild and non-wild environments, and creating human-nature connections.
  • Develop an understanding of the science and practical application of operant conditioning.
  • Gather valuable resources, tools, and skills for marine mammal related environmental education, wildlife interpretation, formal education, and non-formal education.
  • Gain direct experience in Cetacean and Pinniped Ethology observing the behavior of whales and sea lions under the guidance of professional behaviorists.
  • Compare the behavior of cetaceans in the wild with those living under human care and behavioral adaptations connected to each environment.
  • Establish connections with other like-minded people interested in preserving marine mammals and their habitats.

Program Includes

  • 5-day marine mammal behavior and conservation field course
  • Whale Watching eco tourism
  • In water dolphin interactions
  • In water Sea Lion interactions
  • In water Whale Shark interactions
  • Bay area boating, snorkeling and city tours
  • Ground transportation from El Encanto Inn, San Jose del Cabo to all daily activities.
  • Network with professional environmental educators
  • Study with professional whale watching guides
  • Interact with professional trainers
  • Hands-on learning experiences
  • Field interpretation wide variety of animals
  • Swim with Dolphin experience
  • Certificate of Completion

Workshop Cost: $1,400