Meet the Instructors

Dr. Roberto Sanchez

instructor Bio

Dr. Roberto Sanchez is currently the Corporate Vice-President of Veterinary Medicine for Dolphin Discovery. He has specialized in marine mammal medicine for over 20 years and has extensive small animals and equine experience. Dr. Sanchez oversees the management of preventive medicine programs, clinical cases, reproductive programs, and general husbandry practices for more than 100 dolphins, sea lions and manatees at all Dolphin Discovery’s facilities. He is also responsible for the management and training of the veterinarian staff at all locations as well.

Dr. Sanchez provides veterinarian consultation for several zoos and aquariums including Delfiniti in Ixtapa Mexico, the Bejing Aquarium in China and Adaland Park in Turkey, the Colegio de la Frontera Sur, and with stranding networks in Mexico and the Caribbean. He has also worked extensively on manatee conservation for the Belize Government. Dr. Sanchez has been a guest instructor for Marvet since 2008.

Dr. Sanchez is a member of Veterinarian Medicine Committee of SOMMEMA and Technical Consultant for the Population Management of Manatees and Bottlenose dolphins in Mexico. He has presented technical papers at the Mexican Society of Zoology, the Aquariums of the Mexican Republic, International Marine Animal Trainers’ Association and the Internacional Aquatic Animals Medicine Association. He graduated with a degree in Veterinarian medicine in 1988 from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Unidad Xochimilco, in Mexico City, Mexico.