Animals: Gulf World by Dolphin Discovery

A close-up of a bottlenose dolphin smiling into the camera under water

Bottlnose Dolphins

Gulf World by Dolphin Discovery is home to a playful and healthy dolphin population. Students will be able to observe and interact with these amazing animals.

Rough Toothed Dolphin

Gulf World by Dolphin Discovery is home to several rescued rough toothed dolphins, this is the only facility in North America to have this remarkable species. This is a once in a life time opportunity to learn differences and similarities training different species of cetaceans.
A playful California sea lion sticks her tongue out at the camera

California Sea Lion

Gulf World by Dolphin Discovery is home to California sea lions. ABC students interact, learn and build relationships with these fascinating animals. Sea lions are almost as comfortable out of the water as they are in the water. This unique sea lion trait allows students to practice newly acquired operant conditioning techniques under different conditions. What could be more fun than practicing training techniques with adorable sea lions?

Marine Animals

Gulf World is home to a large variety of marine mammals. ABC Animal Training students will learn not only from the resident 2 species of dolphins and sea lions but also be able to practice training techniques with  harbor seals, sharks, sting rays, penguins, flamingos, and rescued sea turtles


Stingrays & Sharks

If playing and working with dolphins, sea lions, manatees and tropical birds isn’t enough Gulf World by Dolphin Discovery is also home to trained stingrays and nurse sharks. ABC Animal Training techniques work on all species and students of ABC Dolphin Training Academy see the amazing results during interactive training sessions with animals as primitive as stingrays and the nurse sharks.

A bright red tropical bird displays one of the many colors of birds found at Dolphin Discovery


If the 9 species of marine animals isn't enough for our students to learn, we also will have plenty of fun and opportunities to improve  training skills with the varying  animals of the Fins and Feather show, that means, crows, parrots, macaws, dogs, cats, and other animals as well.