Q: Are visas required to enter Mexico?
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That depends on which country you will be coming from. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Can I share a hotel room to help with expenses? (+ show)

Of course, the Academy sends out emails to all students who wish to find roommates.

Q: Can I take photos and/or video during the Academy? (+ show)

No, videos are strictly forbidden during the classroom sessions and the students may not take photos or videos during the in-water sessions. Students are to focus on their animals. Friends and family are welcome to take photos.

Q: Do I need to speak English?

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Yes, all material is in English.

Q: How do I register? (+ show)

Students have several options. You may register online at www.abcanimaltraining.com, by bank transfer or by personal check. Please contact us for more information.

Q: How many times a year is the workshop offered? (+ show)

Currently the workshops are offered one time a year but plans are under way to offer the workshops several times a year.

Q: Can a family member or friend accompany me? (+ show)

Of course! The dolphinariums are open to the public and family/friends of Academy students will find it entertaining to watch the students work the animals and are welcome to take photos and videos.

Q: Can I earn college credits? (+ show)

Yes, In accordance with our commitment to assisting students with their professional development and growth in the successful pursuit of an animal training career we are proud to announce that students may earn Continuing Education Units (CEU). University of Wisconsin Stevens Point (UWSP) has approved the ABC Dolphin Trainer Academy for 2. 72 CEU's to be earned for the Basic workshop. Upon successful completion of the workshop students will receive a transcript from UWSP. The CEU's are transferable to most other universities and some universities may accept the CEU's as college credits. CEU's are a valuable resource on your resume.

To receive the official transcript students simply need to contact:

Julie M. Hellweg, Program Manager
UWSP Continuing Education

2100 Main Street, room 032
Stevens Point, WI 54481
Phone: 715-346-3730 Fax: 715-346-3504
email: jhellweg@uwsp.edu
Changing Lives Through Lifelong Learning

Q: Can I contact past students? (+ show)

Yes! Of course. A good source of information is the ABC Animal Training fan page at www.facebook.com/dolphin.training and on the IMATA trainer forum at www.imata.org.

Q: In Mexico are dollars accepted? (+ show)

Yes, you may use US dollars or Mexican pesos, the national currency. Smaller bills are always preferred and your change may be in pesos not dollars.

Q: Is transportation included? (+ show)

No, transportation is not included in registration. The Academy will send out an email to all students one month prior to the start date with thorough explanations and costs for available transportation.

Q: What hotel is recommended? (+ show)

That depends on the location for the workshops. At ABC Dolphin Trainer Academy we do are best to keep your costs low and we are constantly striving to find economical hotels. Hotel recommendations can be found on the workshop pages.

Q: What if my English is not very good? (+ show)

The course curriculum has been designed for people who have English as a second language. The Academy will balance classroom with practical learning. This will help all students with the understanding of animal training, including native English speaking students. Animal Training is a hands-on learning experience.

Q: What is the current exchange rate? (+ show)

The exchange rate is in constant fluctuation but it has remained more or less steady the last year around 1 USD equals 12 Mexican Pesos.

Q: What is the minimum age for the Academy? (+ show)

Minimum age is 18 years old.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

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More than 60 days from first day of class = full refund minus processing fees
More than 30 days from first day of class  = 50% refund less processing fees
Less than 30 days from first day of class  = no refund