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Dolphin Trainer Academy - Basic

A future dolphin trainer at ABC Animal Training smiles while a sea lion perches on her shoulders


ABC Animal Training is a cutting-edge program designed to give you the skills needed for a successful career in the dolphin training field and for professional trainers who are looking to refine their training skills. This program is created and taught by professional trainers with extensive experience.

This 5-day training workshop is based on the ABC of Animal Training DVD and study guide learning material. Students will interact with professional trainers during training sessions with dolphins, sea lions, and manatees! Included in the workshop is a Swim with Dolphin experience.

Program Benefits

  • Receive personalized small-group training.
  • Understand the science and practical application of operant conditioning.
  • Prepare yourself for job interviews.
  • Create a competitive animal training resume.
  • Learn to become a successful team member.

Program Includes

  • 5-day animal training course.
  • ABC of Animal Training Packet
    • 2 DVD set
    • Study Guide
    • Reinforcement Pouch
    • Training clicker
  • Immerse yourself with  professional marine mammal trainers daily life.
  • Hands-on training every session with dolphins, sea lions and manatees.
  • Network with professional trainers.
  • Train new behaviors.
  • Career Building.
  • Behind the scenes access to Dolphin Discovery
  • Certificate of completion.
  • BONUS! Swim with Dolphin experience as guest.

Need advanced training?

See our ABC Animal Training-Advanced opportunity.