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Dolphin Trainer Academy - Advanced

A future dolphin trainer interacts with a bottlenose dolphin at ABC Animal Training


The ABC Dolphin Trainer Academy Advanced is a 5-day fully involved workshop. You will learn advanced training techniques and have the opportunity to apply them as you assist professional marine mammal trainers.

Our highly experienced and qualified teaching staff will guide you through complex techniques and show you how to get effective results. Emphasis will be put toward husbandry training, the single most important aspect of professional animal care.

Program Benefits

  • Receive personalized small-group training
  • Practical application of advanced training techniques
  • Husbandry training
  • Enhance problem solving skills
  • Preventative aggression techniques

Program Includes

  • 5-day animal training course
  • Embedded with Dolphin Discovery training staff
  • Hands-on training experience
  • Interaction with a wide variety of animals
  • Exposure to alternative animal training related career
  • Behind the scenes access to Dolphin Discovery
  • Certificate