Career Opportunities

Three future dolphin trainers show off their ABC Dolphin Training certificatesABC Animal Training prepares students for careers in the dolphin training field and the demand for trainers, aquarists and researchers keeps growing and growing. Career opportunities in this field cross the boundaries of marine biology, zoology, biology and animal behavior.

Being a trainer is indeed a very rewarding career yet a competitive one. During the Basic workshop students will receive an overview of animal training career possibilities. We teach students how to create attainable career goal plans. We also show you how to build resumes, and let you participate in practice job interviews that will help you attain those goals.  

The more experience you gain through workshops, internships and volunteering the more marketable you are. Employers want to see that you’ll do what it takes to earn the job.

In the advanced workshop instructors concentrate on teaching students how to work as a cohesive team. Working as a team is vital to the proper care of the animals we care for. Students will receive first hand experience on how to work as a team to further advance their goals and how to constructively give and receive feedback.  

ABC Dolphin Trainer Academy workshops consist of both classroom and practical learning time. Students will meet and work directly with trainers from many different backgrounds, cultures. You’ll be able to talk with and interact with experienced trainers to gain insight from their experiences in searching for their dream job.

Our goal is to provide you with enough information and skills to launch you on your way to an exciting career.