ABC Animal Training students display their certifications after completing a workshop at ABCThe benefits of beginning your career with ABC Animal Training are endless. First, you’ll come away from the experience with a tangible skillset as well as certification by ABC Animal Training. ABC’s mission includes getting potential marine mammal trainers comfortable with the art of training by believing in themselves and teaching the comprehensive science of dolphin training.

You’ll also pick up essential expertise in the form of job placement skills like networking, resume-building, leadership and other practical skills needed to launch your career. ABC will connect future trainers to organizations like IMATA, the International Marine Animal Trainer’s Association, so that they can continue to grow their field training even after they finish an ABC workshop.

Students get the unparalleled experience to interact with marine mammals, including the bottlenose dolphin, whose personality and intelligence can create a lasting impression, as well as other remarkable creatures like manatees, sea lions and tropical birds.

Students in ABC Animal Training workshops come away from each session with a wealth of knowledge without being confined to a classroom. On the contrary, these programs teach invaluable material while getting wet under the sun in the Mexican Caribbean.

ABC of  Animal Training DVD and Study Guide by Shelley Wood

Wood, Shelley. (2006). ABC of Animal Training. ABC Training Systems, Cancun, Mexico. Unlock the power of positive reinforcement with this comprehensive, entertaining and easy-to-understand video guide for training animals using Operant Conditioning techniques.

Listed as recommeneded reading on the International Marine Animal Trainer's Association website under Animal and Behavior Information